Traditional Korean Houses 66 + 10

 (Hanok & Jeongja)

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The traditional Korean house is called hanok in Korean. ATA has surveyed hanoks preserved in Korea to make their data in the forms of drawing, photo, and text. The surveyed hanoks are listed below, classified by region. Click a name of hanok to see the introductory text and slides.

In traditional Korean architecture, the Jeongja is a type of pavilion commanding a fine view of the surrounding landscape. It is typically located on a site where man and nature harmoniously converge. The Jeongja building generally has an elevated wooden floor to allow a broader view of the surrounding environment. Also, it functions as a social space at the front of the village, or as a summer retreat in a deep valley.

Seoul   Industrial Bank Official's House Nakseon-jae Unhyeon-gung 




Chungcheong-nam-do Champan's House Chusa's House Dongchun-dang
  Eom Chan's House Ex-president Yun Boseon's Birth-house

General Lee Sam's House

  Jeong Gyechae's House Jo Eungsig's House Kim Gihyeon's House

Lee Namgyu's House


Myeongjae's House (Yun Jeung's House)
  Seong Jun-gyeong's House Songja's House Song Yongeok's House
Chungcheong-buk-do Kim Gieung's House Seon Byeongguk's House Song Jaemun's House
Gyeongsang-nam-do Heo Samdul's House    Jeong Byeongho's House   
Gyeongsang-buk-do Andong Kwon-xi Neungdong-jaesa Baekbul's House Bukchon House
  Chunghyo-dang Chungjae's House Daesan-nu
  Dongrak-dang Dosan-seodang Gail-sugok-jongtaek  
  Gwan-ga-jeong Gyeong-am-heon Gyeongju Kim-xi Jisagong-jongtaek
  Gyori House   Hahoe-daek Hyang-dan


Imchong-gak Jeong Jaeyeong's House Jeong Yongjun's House
  Kwon Tae-eung's House Manchui-dang Mugwa's House
  Mucheom-dang Mulche-dang  Naeap-jongga
  Namho's House Son Dongman's House(Seobaek-dang) Songseok-heon 
  Suam-jongga Un-gang's House Yangjin-dang
  Yecheon Kwon-xi-jongtaek    
Jeolla-nam-do Hong Gieung's House Lee Yong-uk's House Lee Yongwoo's House
  Nogu-dang Unjo-ru Yeonan Kim-xi Jong-ga
Jeolla-buk-do Kim Dongsu's House   Lee Youngcun's House  
Gangwon-do Eo Myongki's House   Ojuk-heon Seon-gyo-jang 
Jeongja Bangcho-jeong Buyong-jeong Cheongam-jeong
Gye-jeong Hansu-jeong Jukseoru
Iji-dang Manwha-jeong Ongryu-gak