Andong Kwon-xi Neungdong-jaesa 

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About the house      Andong Kwon-xi Neungdong-jaesa is placed on the foot of a mountain, at Seonggok-dong, Seohu-myeon, Andong city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. This house was first built in 1653, and rebuilt in 1896 after being mostly destroyed by fire. The house consists of two territories; one is a main territory that is composed of the main building, the east and west dormitories, and the gate pavilion named Chuwon-lu; the other is a support territory that is composed of two service buildings and the jusa (kitchen building). The former territory has a layout and the building types that were generally adopted in the Confucian academy, while the latter one has those of the ordinary housing.

Jaesa, the ancestor worship house, is a facility for preparing the ancestral worship service performed at the ancestral graveyard.

Distant view.

Rear view of the support territory.

The main building viewed from the Chuwon-lu.

The wooded floor of the Chuwon-lu.

Chuwon-lu viewed from the inner courtyard of the main territory. Through under the wooded floor of the building, the main territory is reached.

The side of the main building viewed from the support territory.

Kitchen building in the support territory.

Structure of one of the service buildings.

Interior of one of the service buildings.

The outer elevation of the kitchen building, which has practically punched diverse windows.