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About the house     The residential site around Dongrakdang is located on a site along a valley stream, at Gyejeong village, Oksan-ri, Angang-up, Gyeongju-city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. It was a residence of Lee Eonjok (1491~1553), a famous Confucian scholar of Choseon Dynasty, who was selected posthumously as one of the 4 Korean Sages by Toegye, Lee Whang. Dongrakdang was built in 1532 as an Outer Building (Sarang-chae) which was added to the existing site with the Inner Building (An-chae) and the Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae), built in 1515. Besides these buildings, there are a beautiful Jeongja named Gye-jeong and other subsidiary buildings.   Such buildings having been built by Lee's family over a long period are integrated into an organic residential complex by means of uniquely designed fences. This residence is designated as a National Treasure No.413.

a distant view; Dongrak-dang has a low and closed territory. 

Main Gate called sosel-daemun

The fences, defining the Dongrakdang territory, lead to the stream.

entrance space into Dongrakdang, the outer building

Dongrakdang, the outer building

yard of the Dongrakdang seen from the inside of the Dongrakdang

opening of the fence that leads from the yard of the outer building, Dongrakdang, to the Gye-jeong, seen from the inside of the Dongrakdang. We can see through the opening the nearby stream where ducks swim.