Heo Samdul's House  


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About the house      Heo Samdul's House is located at Keumcheon-rl, Aneui-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Kyeongsangbuk-do province. This rich farmer's house was built in 1918, under the Japanese Imperialism. The house was named after Heo Samdul who was the hostess of the house. It is exceptional in traditional Korean society that a house is named after a woman's name. The house is not a typical house of the Joseon Dynasty in that it reflects the spatial requirements of the early modern society of Korea rather than following the typical spatial pattern based on the Neo-Confucian paradigm. One of the peculiar things in the house is that the kitchen takes a central position. It is deemed to show the changing role and social status of woman. This house consists of the haengrang-chae, the sarang-chae, the gate building, the an-chae and the storage building. All of the buildings are separated from one another to form a layout with open square shape.

Analysis Poster of Heo Samdul's House


Front view of the outer building and servants' building from the outer yard

Bird's eye view

Inner servants' building (an-haengrang-chae)

Inner building (an-chae)

Door to kitchen

The side elevation of the inner building

The rear corner of the inner building

Inner courtyard

A front bay of the outer building

A partition of the inner building