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About the house        Yeon-gyeong-dang is located at the garden of Changdeok-gung Palace, usually called 'Secret Garden', in Seoul. It was built in 1828 by a king of Choseon dynasty, Sunjo, for his prince to experience the life of Confucian scholars. So, it has the typical and formal composition of the high class house in Choseon dynasty. However, it doesn't have Sadang, the Ancestral Shrine, since it  was located in the precincts of the Royal Palace. It is composed of a set of buildings and yards; Inner Building (An-chae), Outer Building (Sarang-chae), Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae), library named Seonhyang-jae, food service building named Banbit-gan, and Jeongja named Nongsu-jeong.

approach to Main Gate

Second Gate to the Inner Building (An-chae)

Inner Section seen from Second Gate

 Inner Building

one bay of the Inner Building

Service Building seen from the Wooden floor hall (Daecheong) of the Inner Building

view through the rooms of the Inner Building

back yard of the Inner Building

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Second Gate to the Outer Building (Sarang-chae) section, seen from the Inner Building

Outer Building (Sarang-chae)