Bukchon House


Traditional Houses 


About the house       Bukchon House is located at a famous traditional village, Hahoe in Andong city, Kyeongsangbuk-do province. It was built in 1862. It has a square shaped plan that is formed by the combination of the inner building (an-chae) and outer building (sarang-chae). Around the square laid out the ancestral shrine (sadang), Separate Building (byeoldang), and outbuildings. The inner building is tall enough to be organized as two stories.

main gate

outer building (sarang-chae)

side view of the outer building

outer building (left) and Separate Building (byeoldang-chae)

Separate Building viewed across the outer yard (sarang-madang)

annex of the Separate Building

inner building (an-chae) with double height Wooden Floor Hall (daechong)

inner room (an-bang) and Wooden Floor Hall (daechong) of the inner building

connection between the inner and the outer buildings

ancestral shrine (sadang)