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About the house      Manchui-dang is located in the middle of the clan village of Changnyeong Jo family, at Ogye-ri, Geumho-eup, Yeongcheon city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. The village, Ogye-dong, has been formed on an almost plain land.  This big house was built in 1781. This house shows typically the composition of a large scale house of the late Joseon Dynasty, by having almost all components (11 diverse buildings) of hanok.

General view from the village road.

Keun-sarang-chae (first outer building) named Manchui-dang.

Keun-sarang-chae. A room and maru (wooden floor veranda) are screened by a four-part partition-cum-opening.

Sae-sarang-chae (new outer building) named Gwangmyeong-heon.

Channel-shaped an-chae (inner building) and its courtyard.

An-daecheong, wooded floor hall of the inner building.

Maru of the an-chae.

Sa-dang (ancestral shrine) at the rear of Keun-sarang-chae.

Typical threefold window of the an-chae.

The substance of wood is felt at the main girder of the 'ancestor worship house' (jaesil in Korean) named Bobon-jae.