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Dongchun-dang is located at Songchon-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon city. It is a Byeoldang, the separate quarter for the head of the family, of a residence complex, in the present layout since 1835, consisting of Inner Building (An-chae), Outer Building (Sarang-chae), and Ancestral Shrines (Sadang). Dongchun-dang was built in 1617 by Song Ichang, Song Jungil's father, and rebuilt at the present location by Song Jungil, a famous Confucian scholar whose pen name is Dongchundang. Though Dongchun-dang building is simple and small, it is architecturally unique in that it is harmoniously related with outdoor space, madang which is related to the village both spatially and socially. It is a great shame and tragedy that the natural environment of Dongchun-dang has been destroyed by inconsiderate development.

before development                         after development                      site plan

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bird's eye view of the residence complex, Dongchun-dang is on right

distant view

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Main Gate which is slightly biased from the central axis of the main building, which makes an asymmetrical balance

Dongchun-dang Building with a 3 bays facade. Left one bay is a room with Ondol, the unique floor heating system in Korean houses, and right 2 bays are Maru, the Wooden Floor Hall.

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side view of the Maru which can be completely open and linked to the outdoor space, Madang

Madang of the Maru side, seen from the back of the building, which comes staggeringly wider from the front to the rear

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Sadang, ancestral shrines, seen from the Madang at the Maru side

Sadang, ancestral shrines, seen through the short rear gate

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room with Ondol, with a pair of peculiarly designed windows on high windowsill

Outer Building (Sarang-chae), on front, and channel-shaped Inner Building (An-chae) with terrible apartment houses as background  

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