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About the house       Hyangdan was a house of Lee Eongual who was a younger brother of Lee Eonjeok(1491~1553), a famous Confucian scholar of Choson dynasty. It was built in 1543, on a hilly site of Yangdong village at Yangdong-ri, Gangdong-myon, Wolsong-gun, Kyongsangbuk-do province. The house is famous for the exceptional spatial composition. It has two tight courtyards around which variable spaces with diverse qualities are interconnected.

distant view

view from the rear hill

servants' building (haengrang-chae)

second gate into the inner building (an-chae)

tight courtyard surrounded by inner and outer buildings

facade of the outer building

narrow space between haengrang-chae (left) and an-chae

photo by Jeon Jaeyoung

roof of the servants' building seen from the inner building

another courtyard with kitchen

detail of the structure, so-called ikgong, of the outer building