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Jeong Jaeyeong's House

About the house      Jeong Jaeyeong's House is located at Sammae-ri, Imgo-myeon, Yeongcheon city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. It is placed in a remote mountain area. The remained house has basically a quadrangular shape. Before 50 to 60 years ago, there were more buildings in front of the present house. Similar with other hanoks, this house has several sub-territories, such as those of the inner building (an-chae), the outer building (sarang-chae), and the ancestral shrine (sadang), which are integrated into a dwelling. One of the characteristics of this house is that the women's spaces are well differentiated to house the three generations of women: the hostess had the an-bang (inner room), the mother-in-law of the hostess had the araet-bang (lower room), and the daughter-in-law had the meorit--bang (head-room).

The site plan of Jeong Jaeyeong's House

Viewed from the hill at the back of the house.

General view.

Sarang-chae (Outer section)

The link of the an-chae (inner section) and sarang-chae.

Araet-bang (lower room) viewed from the daecheong (wooden floor room) of the an-chae.

Meorit--bang (head-room) used by a daughter-in-law.

Sa-dang (ancestral shrine) at the back of the sarang-chae.

A narrow yard at the east of the meorit--bang (head-room). This was a secluded space only for a daughter-in-law.

The rear face of the sarang-chae viewed from the yard for a daughter-in-law.