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About the house      Ongryu-gak is located at Birae-dong, Daedok-gu, Taejon city. It was built in 1639  by Song Jungil , a famous Confucian scholar, as a summer house. In Choson Dynasty, it was a way of life to the Confucian scholars to build Jongja on a beautiful site and reside there for training mind and body. This Ongryu-gak building shows critically how the Korean architecture accepts and adapts itself to Nature.


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distant view

organic, just like grown from nature

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view of the building with 2 stories, each of which has differently  shaped columns

3 bay facade, left 2 bays are Maru, Wooden Floor Hall,  and right one bay is a room elevated over the valley stream

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symmetric side view

rear view

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from the back of the building, showing being fit for topography.

from Maru to the exterior landscape

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picture framed scene from Maru

view over the roof

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