Champan's House  


Traditional Houses 

About the house       Champan's House is located at Oeam Village, Songag-myeon, Asan-city, Chungcheongnam-do province. Being built in 19th century, this house was occupied by Lee Jeongyeol who was a Champan, a high government post in Joseon Dynasty. So the house is called 'Champan's House'. This house consists of a gate building (mungan-chae), an inner building (an-chae), outer building (sarang-chae), an ancestral shrine (sadang), and a storage that are placed around a courtyard. This house is peculiarly approached along a stone fence.

gate building (mungan-chae) viewed from outside of the house

gate building (mungan-chae) viewed from inside of the house


outer building (sarang-chae)

enclosed inner yard by building (an-madang)

inner building (an-chae)

rear yard of inner building (an-chae)