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Traditional Settlements 

About the settlement       Oeam is a well preserved traditional village, which is located at Oeam-ri, Songag-myon, Ahsan-city, Chungchongnam-do province. The village dates back to 17th century when Lee family from Yean settled there. The village has 65 houses among which 50 houses have the thatch-roof. It has the area of 205,073 and the population of 280.

Settlement Layout     VOD      VOD (Stone Wall Work)

Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 4. 10. 2007)
Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 4. 17. 2007)

General view of the village. A tall zelkova tree, at center of the image among ginkgo trees, functions as a landmark of the village. 

bridge, at the settlement entrance, over the stream running along the front edge of the village

The water from two streams, one of which borders the southern edge of the settlement, joins together at the front of the village.

View from the front part of the village. The symbol tree of the village, a tall zelkova, is on center.

main road of the village, flanked with stone fences

millstone worked by ox

typical house with natural materials

main gate of an upper class  house, Champan's House (Champan is a title of the government official in Choson Dynasty.)

Outer Building (Sarang-chae) and its yard (Champan's House)

Korean researchers with Professor Amos Rapoport (Prof. Lee Yong, Rapoport, Han Pilwon, Min Byongho, from left)