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About the house      Maengxihaengdan is located at Jung-ri, Baebang-myon, Asan-city, Chungchongnam-do province. It is supposed to be first built in the end of the Goryo Dynasty (918~1393 AD), supposedly in 1330, and rebuilt in 1482. It is the oldest surviving house in South Korea and is believed to be the highly reminiscent of the Goryo house. The house is known as a house of Maeng Saseong (1360-1438) who served as the first and second deputy state councilor under The King Sejong (1418-50). Haengdan means 'the house of the gingko trees'.

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maeng9-1.jpg (52943 bytes) ancestral shrine and large open space in front of it, which shows the importance of ancestor worship maeng10-1.jpg (50058 bytes)