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Traditional Houses 

About the house      Seon-gyo-jang is located at Unjong-dong, Kangrung-city, Gangwon-do province. It had been built for about 200 years, 9 generations  from 1756 when the Inner Building was built by Lee Naebon. It is a peculiar example of 'the wealthy farmer's house' in the late Choson Dynasty. It consists of 9 buildings with 102 bays (Kan). They are organized and unified into a rare manor house by the Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae) which is a datum in the overall design of the territory. The house is the largest one among the remained Choson dynasty houses.

distant view

pond with a Jeongja, named Whalrae-jeong at the front of the house

Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae) with two Main Gates

West Main Gate at the Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae)

 Whalrae-jeong seen from the East Main Gate

Dongbyeol-dang, which was rebuilt at the original Outer Building (Sarang-chae) site, connected with the Inner Building

gate between public section, with the Yeolwha-dang and the Second Outer Building, and private one with the Inner Building and the Dongbyeol-dang

Yeolwha-dang with an awning made of Russian copperplate

Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae) seen from interior of the Yeolwha-dang

Second Outer Building at the West end of the house compound