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About the house       Seobaek-dang or Son Dongman's house is located on a hilly site of Yangdong Village at Yangdong-ri, Gangdong-myeon, Gyeonghju-city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. It was built in 1458 as the family head's house of Wolseong Son family. It is one of the few houses which was built in the early Joseon dynasty and is still used. It consists of three territories such as the Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae), the main building, and the Ancestral Shrine (Sadang). The main building is composed of the Inner Building (An-chae) and the Outer Building (Sarang-chae) which are connected into a square plan and surround a square courtyard.


general view (photo by Lee Jihyu)

approach to the house

looking inside from Main Gate

Servants' Building (Haengrang-chae; left) and Outer Building (Sarang-chae)

Outer Building  (Sarang-chae) and its yard (Sarang-madang)

elevation of the Men's Room (Sarang-bang) at the Outer Building (Sarang-chae)

Ancestral Shrine (Sadang) seen from the Outer Yard (Sarang-madang)

Inner Building (An-chae) seen from the Second Gate

connection of the Inner Room (An-bang) and Kitchen at the Inner Building

Second Gate seen from the Inner Yard  (An-madang)