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About the house       Dosan-seodang is located in the precincts of the Dosan-seowon Academy at Togye-ri, Dosan-myeon, Andong city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province. It was built in 1560. It was designed and resided by Toigye (Lee Whang; 1501~1570) who is a worldwide renowned Korean Confucian Scholar of Choseon dynasty. It has a simple composition consisting of three bays, which have been used as kitchen, room and maru (Wooden Floor Hall), respectively. In the Korean traditional house, 'the three bay composition' is considered as the minimal size. However, in spite of its minimal space, the house has enough flexibility to accommodate the everyday needs, and its dwelling space spreads out to the surrounding landscape whose primary elements were given their own names by Toigye. This humble house contains the concept of dwelling as well as the humanistic aspects of a great scholar in Choseon dynasty. 


ds1.jpg (42857 bytes) view from an eastern hill

from inside of the room, named Walrakjae to the main gate

ds2.jpg (36083 bytes)
ds3.jpg (46329 bytes)

west side with a kitchen

front elevation ds4.jpg (43552 bytes)
ds5.jpg (36423 bytes)

from maru, named Amseoheon, to rear yard

from maru to the way to a garden, named Jeolwusa, meaning loyal friends

ds6.jpg (42708 bytes)

ds7.jpg (38135 bytes)

from the room to the maru

from maru to the pond (on left) at the inner yard(an-madang)

ds8.jpg (52714 bytes)
ds9.jpg (52943 bytes)

from kitchen to the pond and the garden and beyond

garden, named Jeolwusa ds10.jpg (50058 bytes)