Researches on Traditional Korean Dwelling


Researches on Historic Cities l Korean 


Traditional Houses


The Territorial Organization and Circulation System of the Traditional Courtyard House in Chungchong Province, Korea

The Spatial Changes of the Traditional Korean Houses Designated as National Cultural Properties in Chungcheong Province

The Effect of the Change of Living Space on the External Appearance in the Traditional Houses of Yangdong Village

The Design of the Apartment Entrance Area with the Traditional Hanok Elements




Traditional Settlements


ATA's research of Korean settlements has focused on the philosophy structuring settlements and the design-oriented interpretation of typical Korean settlements. You can click below to see the abstracts of some recent papers on these topics written by Professor Han.

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The Water System of a Korean Clan Village - Based on a Case Study of Wontuh Village -
The Philosophy Structuring Traditional Korean Settlements
The Spatial Structure of the Korean Clan Villages
Sustainability of the Traditional Korean Settlements
The Constancy of Spatial Structure in Traditional Korean Settlements
The Communal Ritual Space in the Hahoe Village
The Concept and the Method of Conservation for the Traditional Korean Settlements