The Design of the Apartment Entrance Area with the Traditional Hanok Elements

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Han Pilwon, Sohn Myunggi,  Lee Juock / Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea, Vol.25 No.2, February 2009



The objective of this study is to design the entrance area of the apartment house with the traditional Hanok elements. To develop the design, the concepts and characters of the entrance are defined through examining the historical change of the entrance space and its character in the Korean housing. And the current entrance designs are analyzed to find the design trend and its limitations.

As a consequence of the study, a design alternative for the entrance area is suggested and simulated by means of 3D images and models. In this design, the entrance area becomes to be a social space with an outdoor-like bright and open environment by means of the spatial concept of the Sarang-bang, and the traditional Hanok elements such as the Toit-maru, partition door, and entrance garden.

Apartment, Entrance Area, Traditional Hanok Element, Partition Door, Toit-maru, Sarang-bang, Entrance Garden, Social Space, Identity