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Donam Confucian Academy

About the architecture     Donam Confucian Academy is located at Im-ri, Yeonsan-myeon, Nonsan city, Chungcheongnam-do province. The Academy was built in 1634 and moved to the present site in 1879. The Confucian Academy mainly consists of two sections, the study section and the shrine one. The study section is composed of a lecture building (Yangseongdang, in this Academy) and two dormitory buildings called '-jae'. This Academy shows the typical spatial organization of the Korean Confucian Academy located on the relatively flat site.  Donam Confucian Academy is designated as a Historic Site (No. 383).

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distant view

lecture building called Yangsongdang, seen through the main gate

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da3.jpg (40247 bytes)

study section, symmetrically laid out

Yangsongdang with 5 bay facade, central three bays are Maru, Wooden Floor Hall, used as a lecture hall 

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shrine section enclosed with 'Flower Fence'

Sadang, shrine on the high base, serving four great Confucian scholars of the Choson Dynasty, Kim Jangsaeng, Kim Jib, Song Jungil and Song Shiyol

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layers of territories seen from the interior of Sadang

Eungdodang, large meeting hall

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gorgeous detail of Eungdodang

beyond the territory, view through the Eungdodang building, converging to infinite landscape

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