Architectural Tour of East Asia

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Tour builds us up. Since architecture comes to be understood when it is holistically experienced on site, tour is regarded as indispensable to architects. Le Corbusier, a master of Modern Architecture, was not an exception. In his age of 24, Corbusier launched out on a long voyage over half a year. We can easily understand, from his book 'Voyage to the Orient', how many things he had obtained from tours. --- Ando Tadao, in his book 'I Dream in Architecture' (NHK, 2000)

The architectural tour of East Asia is like to search a vast treasure-house of learning.
Here are some useful materials for the architectural tour of East Asia. 

Guide Map of East Asia map of Asia
                                  Source: National Geographic Society, National Geographic Atlas of the World, 1992

Asia's Architectural Heritage with Guide Map          Map of China

The Chronological Table of the East Asian History

Architectural Tour of Chungcheongnam-do Province, Korea (Korean)Chungchongnam-do

The Religious Service for Mountain Spirit at Jungakdan (Korea)
Royal Ancestral Ritual at Jongmyo (Korea)          The Changing of the Guard at Gyeongbok-gung Palace

Lotus Lanterns of
Gapsa Temple on Buddha's Birthday (Korea)          What happened at Haemi-upsong (Korea)

Traditional Architecture of Daejeon and Its Neighbor