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Wisdom of the Earth: Korean Architecture

by Pilwon Han, et al


1st ed. December 2015
soft cover - 327 pages        price (W) : 50,000
ISBN  978-89-85468-57-2







Yandgong Village

by Myungduck Joo, Pilwon Han

1st ed. December 2015
soft cover - 109 pages        price (W) : 
ISBN  978-89-85468-68-8





The Principles and Practices of Hanok Design

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

1st ed. April 2014
soft cover - 401 pages        price (W) : 


01. The Principles of Hanok Design
1. The Outline of Hanok Design
2. The Location and Layout of Hanok
3. The Structure and Space of Hanok
4. The Frame and Joint of Hanok

02. The Practice of Hanok Survey and Repair Design
1. Survey
2. Drawing
3. Repair Design

03. The Practice of New and Remodeling Designs
1. New Design
2. Remodeling Design
3. Detail Design
4. Materials and Performances
5. Facility Systems

Appendix: The Terms of Hanok


A Dictionary of the Concepts in Korean Architecture

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean

1st ed. April 2013
soft cover - 945 pages        price (W) : 80,000
ISBN   9788972976875



16th Century, Utopia of Neo-Confucianism

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean

Minumsa Publishing Group
1st ed. January 2014
soft cover - 288 pages        price (W) : 23,000
ISBN   978-89-374-3712-0

The World of the 16th Century

01. What is Scholar?
1. The Clashes between Kings and Scholars
2. The Road of Jo Gwangjo
3. Weird Massacres of Scholars

02. Faltering Joseon Society
1. Faltering Politics
2. Faltering Economy
3. Faltering Public Sentiment

03. The Age of Scholars
1. Letter from the Century
2. Neo-Confucian Utopia
3. From School to Faction

04. Seven Years' War of East Asia
1. East Asia in the Night before War
2. World War in East Asia
3. The System of 1598



Walking Golmoks in the Old Cities

by Pilwon Han, written in Korean

Humanist Publishing Group
1st ed. October  2012
soft cover - 383 pages        price (W) : 23,000
ISBN   9788958625483


Preface: The old cities and golmoks that fascinated me
1. Milyang; A river that runs in a curve, and time that runs in a straight line
2. Tongyeong; The wisdom in the city made by the sea and artists
3. Andong; The dignity of the Yangban-city that is alive in cul-de-sacs
4. Chuncheon; The spring of urban space withstanding the burden of history
5. Anseong; The humanism of the commercial city
6. Ganggeong; The foreign scenery in the old harbor city

7. Chungju; Two wheels of culture that move the city
8. Jeonju; The tradition of city sustained by hanoks
9. Naju; Three lines in a
millenary historic city

Special feature: The historic city of Korea

Appendix: Keywords of city tour know-how


The Emerging Asian City: Concomitant Urbanities & Urbanisms


edited by Vinayak Bharne

1st ed. October  2012
soft cover - 296 pages        price ($) : 47.95
ISBN   978-0415525985


Introduction Framing the Asian city / Vinayak Bharne


PART I: Traditions

Editor’'s introduction

1. Anointed cities: The incremental urbanism of Hindu India / Vinayak Bharne

2. Cultivating cultural memory: Observing ethnic transitions in Inner Mongolia / Eric Schuldenfrei

3. The paradise between two worlds: Rereading Taj Mahal and its environs / Vinayak Bharne

4. Vernacular shifts: Observing dwelling patterns in Anatolian Turkey / Vic Liptak

5. Axes and alleyways: The tradition of duality in contemporary Korean cities / Pilwon Han

6. The cultural construction of Surakarta, Java / Robert Cowherd

7. The new Old City: Nostalgia, representation and gentrifi cation in historic Damascus / Christa Salamandra

8. The death and life of traditional aquatic settlements in central Thailand / Kasama Polakit


PART II: Tensions

Editor’s introduction

9. Tensions manifested: Reading the Viceroy’s House in New Delhi / Aseem Inam

10. Macau paradox: Post-colonial Portuguese-Chinese urban manifestations / Marisa Yiu

11. Le Corbusier’s ruin: The changing face of Chandigarh’'s Capitol / Vinayak Bharne

12. High dreams and stark realities: Reading Islamabad / Noman Ahmed and Hanif Daud

13. An (almost) all-American city: The vision and legacy of the Tehran Comprehensive Plan / Vesta Nareh Zareh

14. The dilemmas of conservation and reconstruction in Beirut / Aseel Sawalha

15. Manifesting democracy: Public space and the search for identity in post-war Japan / Vinayak Bharne

16. The post-colonial unconscious: Observing mega-imagistic urban projects in Asia / Abidin Kusno


PART III: Transformations

Editor’s introduction

17. Global architecture and ethnic enclaves: Reading Kuala Lumpur’s city centre / Mari Fujita

18. Making way for a global metropolis: Mumbai’s rapidly transforming informal sector / Manish Chalana

19. From handshake buildings to golf villa estates: How the ‘flash cities’ of Manchester and Shenzhen came of age / Nick Roberts

20. Reshaping Hong Kong: Dimensions of change in a compact city / Peter Cookson Smith

21. Building utopias: China’s emerging new town movement / Zhongjie Lin

22. Vertical urbanism, horizontal urbanity: Notes from east Asian cities / Jeffrey Hou

23. The museums as economic catalyst: Abu Dhabi’s new cultural district / Seth Thompson

24. The ‘Dubai effect’: The Gulf, the art world and globalization / Brettany Shannon


Epilogue: Engaging the Asian city / Vinayak Bharne and Aseem Inam


The Typology of Space 2 

(Korean Edition of Ordering Space: Types in Architecture and Design / VNR, 1994)

edited by Karen A. Franck and Lynda H. Schneekloth

translated by Pilwon Han, written in Korean

1st ed. June  2012
hard cover -  400 pages        price (W) : 28,000
ISBN   978-89-300-8572-4



    An Artist′s Perspective on Type (N. Wolf)

    In and Out of Type (J. La Marche)

    Memory and the Making of Places (F. Downing)


    Type and the Possiblity of an Architectural Scholarship (G. Francescato)

    Type as Analytical Tool: Reinterpretation and Application (R. Lawrence)

    Getting to Know the Built Landscape: Typomorphology (A. Moudon)


    Typification and the Building of Society: "The Absent Patron" (D. Vanderburgh)

    Just Not My Type: Gender, Convention, and the Uses of Uncertainty (A. Friedman)

    Types Are Us (K. Franck)


The Typology of Space 1 

(Korean Edition of Ordering Space: Types in Architecture and Design / VNR, 1994)

edited by Karen A. Franck and Lynda H. Schneekloth

translated by Pilwon Han, written in Korean

1st ed. June  2012
hard cover -  416 pages        price (W) : 28,000
ISBN   978-89-300-8571-7



    Notions of the Inhabited (L. Schneekloth)

    Archetypes as a "Natural language" for Place Making (M. Brill)

    A Built Landscape Typology: The Language of the Land We Live In (P. Condon)


    Farm Type in the American Midwest: A Reflection of Government Policy (H. Dandekar)

    Zoning as a Tool for Regulating Family Type in American Communities (M. Ritzdorf)

    Terminologies and Types: Making Sense of Some Types of Dwellings and Cities (A. King)


    Social Practice and Building Typologies (T. Markus)

    Typological Thinking in Architectural Practice (M. Symes)

    The Question of Type (J. Robinson)


Space and Trace; The Architectural Culture of Korea

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean

The National Institute of Korean History
1st ed. December  2011
hard cover -  368 pages        price (W) : 30,000
ISBN   978-89-499-0839-7

1. The Development of Korean Architecture

2. The Traditional Settlement and Hanok

3. The Buddhism Architecture, the Space Integrated with Spiritual World

4. The Confucianism Architecture, the Embodiment of Ideology

5. The Palace Architecture, the Symbol of Royal Authority


Chungjae Kwon Beol's Family Head House at Bonghwa

by Pilwon Han, written in Korean

1st ed. December  2011
paperback -  193 pages        price (W) : 15,000
ISBN   978-89-7646-271-8

1. Chungjae Kwon Beol Dreams a Better World

2. Chungjae Kwon Beol Enters the Daksil-maeul

3. People Make a History of Meot (Unique Aesthetics to Koreans) over Generations

4. The Ancestral Rite Makes the Community and the Culinary Culture

5. The Architecture Embodies the Way of Life


The Understanding of Cultural Heritage in Korea

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean

KNOU Press
1st ed. July  2011
paperback -  444 pages        price (W) : 14,700
ISBN   978-89-2000-688-3

1. Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage

2. Hanok and Traditional Housing Culture

3. The Court Culture of Joseon Dynasty 1

4. The Court Culture of Joseon Dynasty 2

5. Traditional Gardens in Korea

6. The Shamanism of Korea

7. Seasonal Customs

8. The Understanding of Korean Etiquette

9. Buddhist Culture and Buddhist Temples

10. The Music of Korea

11. The Folk Drama of Korea

12. Recreation Culture and Festival

13. Hanbok, the Flower of Living Culture

14. The Understanding of Traditional Korean Cuisine

15. Contemporary Cultural Heritage


In Search of Traditional Korean Villages

by Pilwon Han, written in Korean

1st ed. June  2011
paperback -  520 pages        price (W) : 28,000
ISBN   978-89-5862-403-5

1. Ot-gol Village
2. Hangae Village
3. Nagan-eupseong
4. Seong-up Village
5. Hahoe Village
6. Gang-gol Village
7. Yangdong Village
8. Dorae Village
9. Dak-sil Village
10. Wontuh Village
11. Oeam Village
12. Wang-gok Village

  | Media Reviews |


General Lee Sam's House 

by ATA, written in Korean 
1st ed. March  2011
paperback -  223 pages        price (W) : 25,000

1. The Life and Achivements of General Lee Sam
2. The History of General Lee Sam's House
3.The Architectural Characteristics of General Lee Sam's House
4. The Value and Reuse of General Lee Sam's House


Environment-Friendly Design Guidebook

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean
Bal-Eon Publishing company
1st ed. December  2009
paperback -  423 pages        price (W) : 22,000
ISBN   978-89-77-63078-9

1. What Is the Environment-Friendly Architecture
2. Design Elements of the Environment-Friendly Architecture
3. Realization of the Environment-Friendly Architecture


A Book Changed My Life

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean
Leader's book
1st ed. June  2009
paperback -  310 pages        price (W) : 12,000
ISBN   978-89-01-09773-2

1. Ego
2. Healing
3. Passion
4. Change


The Front Line of New Knowledge 2

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean 
Han-gil-sa Publishing Company
1st ed. May  2008
paperback -  427 pages        price (W) : 16,000
ISBN   978-89-356-5877-0


1. Designing Life with New Technolgy
2. Surrounding Environment under Change
3. Stories to Tell, Stories to Be Told
4. Great Small Cultures
5. The Hottest Issues of Contemporary Art
6. Unpredictable Ideas of Artists
7. New World Predicted by Film

  Traditional Ecology of Korea 2

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean
Science Books Publishing Company
1st ed. May  2008
hardcover -  463 pages        price (W) : 25,000
ISBN   978-89-8371-216-5

1. Mountain of Life and Village Forest
2. Wind, Water and Life
3. Traditional Ecology within Fence

  Going to Traditional Korean Villages 2

by Pilwon Han, written in Korean 

Book Road Publishing Company
1st ed. November  2004

paperback -  316 pages

price (W) : 15,000
ISBN   89-91239-18-8

contents (Volume 2)
Order Integrating Nature and Pepole

1.Sociology; Social Relations Embedded in Traditional Villages

    Yangdong  Village

    Dorae  Village

    Dak-sil  Village

2. Ecology; Environmentally Friendly Wisdom Found in Traditional Villages

    Wontuh  Village

    Oeam  Village

    Wang-gok  Village

  Going to Traditional Korean Villages 1

by Pilwon Han, written in Korean
Book Road Publishing Company
1st ed. November  2004
paperback -  356 pages
price (W) : 15,000
ISBN   89-91239-17-X

contents (Volume 1)
Space and People in Perfect Harmony

1. Thought; Spirit Underlain in Traditional Villages

    Ot-gol  Village

    Hangae  Village

    Nagan-eupseong  Village

2. Culture; Korean Culture Embodied in Traditional Villages

    Seong-up  Village

    Hahoe  Village

    Gang-gol  Village

  Traditional Ecology of Korea

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean
Science Books Publishing Company
1st ed. September  2004
hardcover -  652 pages        price (W) : 30,000
ISBN 89-837-1155-8

1. Ecological notions in Korean tradition
2. Reading of the old environment
3. Traditional settlements as the alternative ecological space


The Front Line of Knowledge

by Pilwon Han, et al, written in Korean
Han-gil-sa Publishing Company
1st ed. May  2002
hardcover -  712 pages        price (W) : 30,000
ISBN 89-356-0107-1

1. Culture, approaching to me, created from me
2. Designing life with new technology and new thinking
3. From the microscopic world to cosmos
4. Cloning; the matter of technology or the matter of ethics
5. Unveiling the human spiritual world
6. Enriching life with practice, rather than theory
7. The age of change, diversity on the rise
8. New civilization; how to see and how to meet


The Cultural Meaning of Dwelling

by Inho Kang & Pilwon Han, written in Korean
Sejin-sa Publishing Company
1st ed. August  2000 / 2nd ed. March 2001
paperback -  392 pages        price (W) : 20,000
ISBN 89-7121-551-8

part 1. The Meaning of Dwelling Environment and Housing
part 2. The Understanding of Housing Architecture
part 3. The Criticism and Prospect of Culture of Dwelling