Going to Traditional Korean Villages 1, 2

I am honoured to have Going to Traditional Korean Villages 1, 2" in my personal library.
I have so much respect for your research, investigations and recording of Korea's early architecture. Your work has so much importance in the realm of our work in architecture.  It shows to others the importance of Korea's early ideas in design and reveals to all why we need to preserve these humble but very great works of architecture. Please keep up this good work. I am honoured to know you and your work. (Ian Taberner, Architect, Director of the Boston Architectural Center)


The books are beautiful -- simply beautiful

I wish I could read the text but nevertheless, found the story of the pictures, maps and 
drawings very engaging.  Some of them I remember!!  
You should take a deep bow for yourself and the amount of effort it has taken to conceive of, 
research, document, and prepare these books for publication.  I am so very impressed!!! 
(From the letter of Lynda H. Schneekloth, Professor of the State University of 
New York at Buffalo, to the author)