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The location of a Korean film, ' A Little Monk (Directed by Ju Gyeongjung, 2003)'.

 Seonam-sa is a representative Korean Buddhist temple that is composed of 25 buildings. This temple was said to be founded in the Three States Period, however most of the present buildings are attributed to the Zen priest Yak-hyu (1664~1738) who, as a head priest of Seonam-sa, actively constructed or reconstructed many buildings.

Inner court of Dalma-jeon. This humble and meditative space is characterized with four stone mortars making a water flow.

An arch bridge called Seungseon-gyo. In the film, it is symbolized as a threshold connecting and, at the same time, articulating the profane and the sacred.



Main temple area. This central territory of the temple complex has two towers as the references of the layout.

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