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Shiqiao-cun is located in the mountain area along a deep and long valley, 400 meters above the sea level, at  Shuyang Country, Nanjing County, Fujian Province. It is about four hours' drive from Xiamen city.  Shiqiao-cun is a mountain village with many interesting Tulou houses resided by Zhang families.  As now, the population of the village is about 1,500. One of many interesting Tulous of the village is the 4-story Tulou, Shunyu-lou which was built in 1945 by Zhang family. It has the longest outer diameter, 74.1m, among the single donut-type Tulou houses with the inner corridor. Another one is Changyuan-lou which was built in 1723 (Qing dynasty)  by Zhang family, on a linear site with a steep slope facing a stream. It is a rectangular type Tulou which shows dramatic harmony with nature.

sq-1.jpg (36148 bytes) Stream flowing through the village. The donut-type Tulou on right is Shunyu-lou. Tulous at the other side of the stream sq-2.jpg (42442 bytes)
sq-3.jpg (39804 bytes)

Village seen from Yongan-lou, Changyuan-lou is on left front.

Changyuan-lou on the high gravel base (source: Mogi Keiichiro, Search for the space of the Chinese Housing, Kenchikushiryokenkyushya, 1991, p.131) sq-4.jpg (72502 bytes)
sq-5.jpg (42450 bytes)

Shunyu-lou with the thick outer mud wall; 1.5m thickness at the base

Huge yard of the Shunyu-lou, with a diameter of 59m, with the Zutang (the Ancestral Shrine) at the center

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Shunyu-lou, with total 280 rooms and 4 shared stairs. It has 70 bays every floor, which are connected along the corridor.

Dwelling unit entrances of the Shunyu-lou sq-8.jpg (45545 bytes)

sq-9.jpg (49391 bytes)

Main entrance of the Yongan-lou and the girls with the family name, Zhang Building and courtyard of the Yongan-lou built in Qing dynasty sq-10.jpg (37707 bytes)