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Mrs. Bi's House is located at a dense residential area of Doushan-jia, She-xian, Anhui-sheng. This house was built about 100 years ago, and resided by Xu family. Later, Mrs. Bi bought and extended this house to the present size. Mrs. Bi died in 1985 and this house is resided by an old lady (80 years old as of 1999) who has been a nurse for Mrs. Bi's family for 40 years. 

At this house, we can see the modern transformation of Sanhe-yuan. The main building facing South has a double layer of rooms, and narrow courtyards (tianjing) at its front and rear parts. It is interesting that two halls (tang) are placed back to back to face opposite directions. The study and garden are placed at the front of the main building, and the graveyard is at its right-hand side. The doors are glazed and the garden and tianjings are decorated with potted plants.

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