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About the Studio

It is important for architecture students to know the role and responsibility of the architect in constructing and maintaining the urban society, and to develop intellectual and artistic abilities to deal with real and site-specific urban issues.
The studio titled 'the urban context' is a semester-long (16 weeks) program for third-year students. The principal concern of this studio is to understand the design process through which the characteristics of a site in an urban tissue are transformed into design and the problematic conditions around the site are improved. The studio explores design concepts and vocabularies at the architectural scale, with a sensitivity to both the physical and socio-cultural roles of the urban context.
The studio starts with the selection of an appropriate site -  an urban space with identifiable issues and problems. Each design team, consisting of two students, surveys the site individually to observe the urban area around the site, to grasp the urban context and its problems, and finally to find clues for the development of design concepts vocabularies.
he basic program of the project is to design one or more mixed-use buildings, mainly consisting of commercial and cultural spaces that replace the existing three four-story buildings on the site. The actual program, which should be in response to the potentials of the site, is left to each team's determination.
In this studio, emphasis is placed both on the design development procedure and on the results. The evaluation of the design solutions focuses on such issues as:
     The analysis and architectural interpretation of urban context and urban activities
     The definition of problems which can be tackled architecturally
     The incorporation of the analysis into design through an inventive transformation
     The interaction between interior and exterior
     The improvement of the surrounding built environment by the design