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Description of the Site

site0.JPG (61982 bytes)

view of the site; on the cross of the main street of Taejon city (horizontal street) and the Street of Culture  

site-9.jpg (83782 bytes)

events happening sporadically on the street

If we could find a site that evokes an urban-architectural paradox, 'how the identity of an urban architecture is obtained without losing contextual harmony', it would be the most appropriate one for this studio. Through a series of surveys of Taejon city, such a site can actually be found at the urban core. 

The site is located at crossroads where the 1.1km-long main axis of the city, between the Taejon railway station and Chungchongnam-do Provincial Office, intersects with the 250m-long 'Street of Culture' which is generally considered as a symbol of the public space in the city. It marks the entrance of the 'Street of Culture' which is defined with three or four-story commercial buildings demarcating five homogeneous urban blocks. The area of the site is about 900m2 and the width of the Street of Culture is 14m. The site is actually occupied by three four-story buildings, which will be negated at this studio.
The genesis of the design problem inherent in the site is the fact that the Street of Culture connotes no particular cultural clue; it only reveals fragmented private interests in homogeneous commercial buildings.