Traditional Settlements 


About the settlement   Hyodong village is located on a foot of mountains, at Samhyo-ri, Myoryang-myon, Yongguang-gun, Jollanam-do province. The village had 100 houses in its prosperous times, half of which have been gradually evacuated and destroyed. Judging from the dolmens at the entrance and inside of the village, the village site has supposedly been settled down since ancient times. Except the artificially preserved villages, it is a rare Korean village where many straw-roofed houses are still sustained and used. The straw-roofed houses of the village have a simple composition and minimal spaces, consisting of an Inner Building (An-chae) with 3 or 4 bays and an outbuilding. They are deemed to be the archetype of the Korean vernacular house. The pictures below are as of 1998. To our regret, most of the straw-roofed houses of this village have been rebuilt since then.  

view of Chung's house (from the rear to the front of the village)

smooth curve of the roof of an outbuilding in the Chung's house 

delicately treated entrance of the Chung's house

Inner Building (An-chae) of the Chung's house, with a pillar placed on a natural rock

an outbuilding and low stone fence of the Chung's house, seen from the yard

rear yard of the Chung's house, with soy jars

Kim's house with mountains as a background

an outbuilding of the Kim's house, seen from the yard

an outbuilding of the Kim's house, with a low hedge on right leading to a toilet inside, seen from the rear yard with soy jars on left

A dolmen at the entrance of the village.