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Traditional Settlements 


About the settlement   Hahoe is one of the representative traditional villages in Korea. It is located at Pungchon-myeon, Andong-city, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. The residents of Hahoe mainly belong to Ryu family from Pungsan. The village is famous for uniquely designed wooden masks as below. And, the village is recently in the news by being the location of a Korean film, 'Spring in My Hometown' which is appraised as a highly artistic one. It was inscribed on the World Cultiral Heritage List in 2010.

VOD (Settlement)                                                           VOD (Masque dance)

A scene of the film 'Spring in My Hometown' which has been shot in this village. VOD (Settlement)

Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 1. 2. 2007)
Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 1. 9. 2007)

Hahoe-maeul, surrounded by a river.

Viewed from Okyeon-jeongsa, Ryu Seongryong's second house, across the river.

A village boundary showing peculiar landscape functioning as windbreak.

Central road of the settlement. The northern part of this road is called 'North Village' and the southern part is called 'South Village'.

road leading to a typical upper class (Yangban) house, Bukchon House

Villagescape from north.

A fence along with an alley.

A traditional thatch roofed house.


Buyongdae cliff viewed from Yeonjwa-ru.