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Kawai Kanjiro's House

About the house    Kawai Kanjiro's House is located at a Machiya(traditional Japanese urban house) street, Gozozaka in Kyoto city. It was designed and built as a two story residence and workplace in 1937 by a Japanese potter Kawai Kanjiro whose initial works were greatly influenced by Chinese and Korean Ceramics. Though the house may not be a typical traditional Japanese style, it does have an interesting composition which consists of traditional housing elements, and working and display spaces.


street facade(Source : Kawai Kanjiro' House Postcard)

elevation from the courtyard

elevation from the courtyard corridor surrounding the courtard paved with gravel

corridor surrounding the courtard paved with gravel

indoor with Korean style wooden floor and lamps designed by Kawai

display space articulated by wooden structural frames

display space

Korean Maru(Wooden floor) pattern is adopted to this house. It is one of conspicuous characteristics of the house.

wooden stair seen from the upper level, The Daikokubashira, the central column of the house is seen downstairs.

from the courtyard to the workplace with pottery kilns