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Katsura Rikyu Imperial Villa

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film.GIF (705 bytes) The Katsura Rikyu is one of the best places which show the core of Japanese aesthetics. Also, it has been referred to as a source of the new spatial concept, interconnection of interior and exterior, raised in Modern Architecture. And, in searching for the Japaneseness, contemporary Japanese architects often turn to this Villa.

The Katsura Rikyu is located on the west bank of the Katsura River, from which water is drawn off into the ponds of the Villa. It was originally designed by the Imperial Prince Toshihito as a villa of the Hachijo-no-miya Imperial Family.

The villa covers an area of about 13.8 acres including attached land. In the heart of the site, is an irregularly shaped pond around which several pavilions are located. Their designs represent what simplicity is in the Japanese aesthetics.

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