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Higashi-Katsurazaka CED

Higashi-Katsurazaka CED is a detached housing site which is located at Oekitakutsukake-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto city, Japan.  The site is part of a new town which has the area of about 130ha and 3,000 households. CED stands for Community and Environment Developing system. The name shows that the site aims at developing a desirable community and controlling the environment. The site makes a visual target from the access road of the new town which climbs from south.

The site was developed at a steep hillside sloping down to south-west, with a land area of 4,595.8m2, in 1988. Thus a specific house type, a kind of terrace house with 3 stories, was needed to be applied here. The site has 10 lots whose areas vary from 198 to 419m2. The floor areas of the houses are from 145 to 192m2. Each house is accessed over a ditch, which is the traditional access pattern in the upper class housing area in Kyoto.  


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