Luxun's House

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Luxun's House is located at Dochangfangkou in Shaoxing, where the Zhou(Luxun's family name; Zhoushuren, a famous Chinese novelist and social reformist, had many pen names, one of which is Luxun.) family had settled for a long time. Luxun was born here, Sep. 25 1881 and grown up till the age of 18 when he went to Nanjing for further study. And when he returned to his hometown later to teach at schools, he resided also at this house. The house is supposed to be built in 1795 or a little later. It has the characteristics of the huge houses, in the Chinese southern area, south of Yangzi river, with many tight courtyards called Tianjing.

typical building unit with 3 bays

skywell yard(Tianjing) paved with stone

skywell yard(Tianjing) seen from interior

tall wall and buildings defining a skywell yard(Tianjing)

one of the skywell yards(Tianjing) connected with a second story building

interior of Living Room, Tang


walls leading movement

colonnade connecting buildings

rear garden of the house, called Baicaoyuan