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Traditional Settlements 

Baisha-cun is a Naxi minority village which is located at the 8 km north of Lijiang-town. Baisha-cun is said to be the first Naxi minority settlement in the Lijiang area. It was a political and economical center of Lijiang area in Song and Yuan Dynasty. There is a soccer stadium, around which traditional houses are layed out. Baisha-cun may be said as a place of collection of the Lijiang wall paintings. Especially, the Dabaoji-gong of the village is famous for the big wall painting of the Ming  Dynasty. 

Site Layout
(Source; Ma Wei, The Dwelling Culture of Naxi Nationality in Yunnam Province, Master Thesis of Tsinghua University, 1994, p.86)

square with ladder shape


A waterway is running along the main road of the settlement.

main road, the central axis of the village, running from North to South


The houses are generally built with sun-dried bricks. 

Baisha village is peculiarly organized so that Mt. Yulongxueshan is viewed from all part of village road.