Introduction Framing the Asian city / Vinayak Bharne

PART I: Traditions

Editor’'s introduction

1. Anointed cities: The incremental urbanism of Hindu India / Vinayak Bharne

2. Cultivating cultural memory: Observing ethnic transitions in Inner Mongolia / Eric Schuldenfrei

3. The paradise between two worlds: Rereading Taj Mahal and its environs / Vinayak Bharne

4. Vernacular shifts: Observing dwelling patterns in Anatolian Turkey / Vic Liptak

5. Axes and alleyways: The tradition of duality in contemporary Korean cities / Pilwon Han

6. The cultural construction of Surakarta, Java / Robert Cowherd

7. The new Old City: Nostalgia, representation and gentrifi cation in historic Damascus / Christa Salamandra

8. The death and life of traditional aquatic settlements in central Thailand / Kasama Polakit

PART II: Tensions

Editor’s introduction

9. Tensions manifested: Reading the Viceroy’s House in New Delhi / Aseem Inam

10. Macau paradox: Post-colonial Portuguese-Chinese urban manifestations / Marisa Yiu

11. Le Corbusier’s ruin: The changing face of Chandigarh’'s Capitol / Vinayak Bharne

12. High dreams and stark realities: Reading Islamabad / Noman Ahmed and Hanif Daud

13. An (almost) all-American city: The vision and legacy of the Tehran Comprehensive Plan / Vesta Nareh Zareh

14. The dilemmas of conservation and reconstruction in Beirut / Aseel Sawalha

15. Manifesting democracy: Public space and the search for identity in post-war Japan / Vinayak Bharne

16. The post-colonial unconscious: Observing mega-imagistic urban projects in Asia / Abidin Kusno

PART III: Transformations

Editor’s introduction

17. Global architecture and ethnic enclaves: Reading Kuala Lumpur’s city centre / Mari Fujita

18. Making way for a global metropolis: Mumbai’s rapidly transforming informal sector / Manish Chalana

19. From handshake buildings to golf villa estates: How the ‘flash cities’ of Manchester and Shenzhen came of age / Nick Roberts

20. Reshaping Hong Kong: Dimensions of change in a compact city / Peter Cookson Smith

21. Building utopias: China’s emerging new town movement / Zhongjie Lin

22. Vertical urbanism, horizontal urbanity: Notes from east Asian cities / Jeffrey Hou

23. The museums as economic catalyst: Abu Dhabi’s new cultural district / Seth Thompson

24. The ‘Dubai effect’: The Gulf, the art world and globalization / Brettany Shannon

Epilogue: Engaging the Asian city / Vinayak Bharne and Aseem Inam