Traditional Settlements 

About the settlement   Nagan-eupseong rises above the plane at Nagan-myeon, Suncheon-city, Jeollanam-do Province. The settlement is one of the several Upseongs in Korea. The Upseong is a town inside of fortress. There are generally located a few public facilities such as Gaeksa, the house accommodating the Royal Emissary, and Dongheon, the District Office, at the center of Upseong. All of the 142 private houses of Nagan-upseong with the land of 223,108 are thatch-roofed, which make a peculiar townscape in harmony with the rectangular stone rampart (height about 4m, perimeter 1,384m)  supposedly dating from the 15th century. The rampart was built for protecting the town against the Japanese aggression. The settlement is recently in the news by being the location of a Korean film, 'Spring in My Hometown' which is appraised as highly artistic.

Settlement Layout    VOD        The film 'Spring in My Hometown' which has been shot in this village. VOD

   Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 12. 5. 2006)
Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 12. 12. 2006)

na1.JPG (12561 bytes) South Gate, officially used main gate of the village East Gate, the main gate of the village in everyday life na2-1.JPG (5094 bytes)
na3-1.JPG (15380 bytes) townscape of thatch roofed houses

the rampart

na6-1.JPG (11025 bytes)
na4.JPG (13445 bytes) main road connecting East Gate and West Gate Gaeksa, the house accommodating the Royal Emissary na5-1.JPG (15299 bytes)
na7.JPG (15579 bytes) one of the two springs in the village, at the junction of the village roads house just outside of the rampart, with two levels of yard, which was used as the location of the film, 'Spring in My Hometown' na8.JPG (18762 bytes)
na9.JPG (16609 bytes) typical house consisting of a few detached chaes (buildings), an-chae (the inner building) on center furniture and equipment which were used in housing, being displayed at the museum of the village na10.JPG (17287 bytes)