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About the house       Chunghyodang is located at a famous traditional village, Hahoe in Andong city, Gyongsangbuk-do province. This house is the family head's house of Ryu Songryong (1542~1607) who was Prime Minister during the Japanese invasion to Korea. The house was first built by his grandson, Ryu Wonji (1598~1674) and was partly rebuilt and extended later. It is one of the typical Confucianist houses in the middle of Choson dynasty. This house basically consists of a square shaped Inner Building (An-chae) and a linear Outer Building (Sarang-chae) which are connected together. It is designated as a National Treasure. Recently, this house gained worldwide fame by being the place for the 73rd birthday party for Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom which was held in the traditional Korean manner on 21 April 1999.

Main Gate and Outer Yard

Main Gate

view of Outer Building(Sarang-chae) from the Main Gate

Wooden Floor Hall (Daechong)  of Outer Building

corner structure of Outer Building

side view of Outer Building

rear view of Outer Building

view from the Wooden Floor Hall of Outer Building to the Main Gate

Back yard of Outer Building which is enclosed by Outer and Inner Buildings

  Inner Building and Inner Court