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About the village   Ganggol is located at Obong-ri, Deungryang-myon, Boseong-gun, Jollanam-do province. The village has 39 households, most of which belong to the Lee family from Gwangju in Gyeonggi-do province. The Lee family is supposed to have entered this village in the latter half of 16C. Four houses of the village including a beautiful jeongga, Yeolwha-jeong are designated as the Important Folklore Materials. All of the four houses were built between the end of 19C and the beginning of 20C. Such houses have their own ponds in front of the house, which is one of the unique characteristics found in this settlement.  

  Settlement Layout

Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 1. 16. 2007)
Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 1. 23. 2007)

typical gateway of the house in the village