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Traditional Settlements 


About the settlement       Dorae  is one of the typical traditional Korean villages, which is located at  Pungsan-ri, Dado-myon, Naju-city, Jollanam-do province. The village dates back to circa 1480, and its residents mainly belong to Hong family from Pungsan. The village has 103 houses, as of 1990, some of which are well-preserved houses such as Hong Giung's house.

Settlement Layout     VOD

Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 2. 20. 2007)
Gangneung MBC Radio (broadcasted 2. 27. 2007)

distant view

front part of the village

green space flowing inside the village

houses closed against outside

Jongja named Yangbyok-jong


pond in front of Jongja

Main road of the village

Hong Giung's house at the end of the Main road

traditional thatch roofed hose