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Rent of slides (photos)
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Rent of slides (photos)


We need some slides appeared at ATA site for a non-commercial (for example, an educational) purpose. Could you provide slides?

We are glad to know that a part of the ATA slides are worth being used non-commercially. We would like to inform you that you may use 3 photos in maximum, non-commercially, on condition that a copyright notice 'Copyright; ATA (http://ata.hannam.ac.kr)' should be attached to every photo. 




 We need some slides appeared at ATA site for a commercial purpose. Could you provide slides?


The copyrights of all images on the ATA site, including slides, are on professor Pilwon Han, unless otherwise noted. None of these images may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of professor Pilwon Han. 

The ATA slide library has 35,000+ slides of Asian architecture. A part of its slides are presented at ATA site. These ATA slides are available for rent. The rent follows ATA's rent regulation prescribing the rental conditions and fees. The process of lease is as follows;

1. Let us know the concrete purpose of slide use, the file names (.jpg) of the slides you want to rent, your address for receiving the slide duplications or scanned images, and the rental term or the deadline for returning slide duplications. 

The rental fee is mainly determined according to how photos are used;
   - Cover or Main Page / Full Page Inside / About Half a Page / Up to a Quarter Page
   - Calendar / Advertising / Brochure / Editorial / Textbook
   - Audio Visual / Multimedia / Web Site / Other

Please keep in mind that the leased slides should be used one time for a noticed purpose and be returned.

2. ATA informs you the total fee.

3. Remit the fee to the ATA account below. 

   - Name of account owner: Han, Pilwon
   - Name of bank: Korea Exchange Bank
   - Shift code: KOEXKRSE
   - Branch: Chungbu
   - Account number: 026-19-18060-0

4. ATA sends you the slide duplications or their scanned images according to your request.

5. You return the slide duplications after use by the promised deadline.

For more information, please contact professor Pilwon Han.